Going To Work

For years and years, I have watched my mother listen. Don’t worry, she does her share of talking to! But her listening helps her talking make an impact. Wherever she is, she usually ends up in a conversation with someone – salesperson, waiter, friend, handyman, cashier, etc. Instead of just talking to pass the time or fill the silence, she listens. Then, she responds to what she hears …with encouragement, humor, an invitation, her story, and even Scripture. In an inviting, simple way, her faith “goes to work”.

For a LONG time, I didn’t realize that all her talking and listening had a point. As an adult, I have come to see it’s how she bears the fruit of her faith. She listens and takes interest in the people she naturally comes in contact with. Then, she engages them where they are. If they have never heard of Jesus, she invites them to learn. If they know Him but are not acting like they do, she challenges them to recommit. If they can’t see Him because of pain or needs in their life, she offers help.

It’s not complicated.

It’s not programmed.

It’s not overbearing or “in your face”.

It’s her faith. And it goes to work every time she leaves the house.

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From the earliest moments of our lives, we hear, read and tell stories. Stories are a form of communication and education. They are new every day and continue as long as people are alive. They are universal. In fact, Scripture tells the one, most powerful, most important story of all time!

Stories are meant to be shared and they are powerful tools for connecting with and loving others.  Because the disciples and Christ-followers throughout time have shared their stories, you and I know about Jesus and how He gives us a hope beyond ourselves. As believers, we are commanded to tell those same stories and “be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Several years ago, a young woman attended an event at a church she had never been to before. As people were arriving and finding their seats, one of the hosts from the church went over to the woman and introduced herself. When the young woman responded by telling her name, the host said, “So tell me your story.” Immediately, the young woman became a storyteller and it was such a welcoming moment.

You have a story and we invite you to become a storyteller!

How can you do that?

It’s very simple. You can tell your story by answering 5 Questions on our website. We’ll use those answers and your photo in a future blog post to help people meet, connect and walk with Dawson Women everywhere!


Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash