Often, when electronics are not performing the way they are supposed to, they need a “reboot”, a pause to turn it completely off and restart it. That’s what we are doing with our Women’s Ministry Blog and we couldn’t be more excited! After a LONG PAUSE, we are restarting the Dawson Women’s Ministry BLOG and we hope you’ll join us here, often, as you engage with all the ways God is working through women at Dawson.

The Dawson Women’s Ministry is designed to involve ALL women. It is not something a woman “joins”. Rather, it is something a woman “is”! As Paul encouraged the Colossians, we seek to be “woven into a tapestry of love”. This ministry offers a variety of ways to be involved throughout each year: studies that focus on Scripture and God’s work in individual lives and the corporate body of the church; the TABLE ministry that opens homes in the community for intentional conversation about God; and SPECIAL EVENTS that focus on specific areas of need and/or concern.

Our goals for this blog, as well as our overall online presence, are:

  1. (the most important!) – Share how God is working in, around and through Dawson women.
  2. Provide a central source of information for anything and everything pertaining to the ministry.
  3. Provide a consistent place for interaction with our church members and ministry visitors.
  4. Direct members and visitors to the Dawson website for information about ministries and programs of the entire family of faith.

We hope you’ll visit here often, learn what God is doing at Dawson and share what He’s doing in your life as well!

Because of Him,

Kristen Torres, Minister of Spiritual Development

Dawson Family of Faith – 205.871.7324