Pretending Not To See

I was teaching at Jacksonville State University in a building with a huge, two story lobby and curved staircases on either side. I had taught my first class of the day and was going downstairs to clear my head. I was within three steps of the ground when something went terribly wrong. I’m still not sure what happened. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor and in a great deal of pain. I found out later that I had broken my leg.

The interesting thing is that I was smack dab in the middle of “young adult world.” I had fallen in a crowded lobby, full of college students at a time when much of their entertainment was derived at the expense of another’s discomfort. They, generally, laughed pretty hard at things like people falling. This time, no one laughed (whew). To cover their own discomfort,  they tried not to let me know that they had seen me. They were embarrassed for me.

Today, I am thinking about a couple of things … how to share Christ with those we come in contact with and our attitude to those who do not yet know Him. As believers, we would never laugh at them or make fun of them.  Sometimes, though, we see them and don’t want them to know we know they don’t share our hope. Maybe we feel really bad for them. Maybe we are embarrassed for them. Whatever the reason, too many times, we pass them with our eyes looking anywhere but directly at them and/or their situation so they won’t feel bad.

When I fell, I was hurt and could not get up until one of my students came to my rescue. SO MANY people in our paths every day that need to be rescued, maybe not from a physical injury, but from the life that holds no hope. Those of us who have already been rescued are the ones that have the eyes to truly see those around us.

Do we really believe they are in danger of dying without Christ or do we just kind of feel bad for them?

Are we willing to be inconvenienced or ridiculed to give them the greatest gift anyone could receive?

What difference could it make if we TRULY acted on what we say we believe?

One man did. Watch this and discover how his obedience made an impression on this self-proclaimed atheist…

What about you? Are you willing to see those people that need Jesus clearly?